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DirecTV Reviewed

Founded back in 1990, DirecTV has since grown into a thriving Fortune 500 company. They serve over twenty millions customers in the USA and sixteen million Latin America, totaling over 37 million customers internationally. They provide over 190 complete HD channels. DirecTV offers NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, and NFL Sunday Ticket. In June 2015, AT&T officially purchased DirecTV creating one of the biggest TV and content company in the globe. The projections of this merger are perfect for DirecTV subscribers, giving them bundling choices on phone and internet service not accessible before. Many also predict this combination will permit DirecTV to compete with other satellite/cable firms and their bundling services. Click this link for more info on DirecTV. Amazing sports features What DirecTV has that Dish Network doesn’t have is its NFL Sunday Ticket, that allows you to enjoy all the games NFL football games on Sunday. DirecTV’s  Game Mix Channel allows you to watch 8 different football games at one time. And if you do much traveling, you’ll find NFL Max Sunday Ticket especially nice, providing you the choice to watch programs using your computer, tablet, or phone anywhere. Note that Sunday Ticket MAX provides you a Red Zone Channel and short-cut specs, too. Apart from that, it provides you statistics, player-tracker, and on-demand specs. DirecTV is just not just restricted to offering you NFL. If  you love other sports, you can get FUEL TV, Fox sports, ESPN channels, and a number of other amazing options. It even includes channels like NHL Center Ice, NBA League pass and ESPN GamePlan with all of  its sports programming. Bundling and competitive pricing DirecTV pricing varies by different packages. You can expect to pay between $29.99 - $91.99 depending on package selected. Further channel options may be more. While these prices are competitive, Dish average prices are a little lower coming in between $19.99 - $44.99. Plans and packages DirecTV’s range of packages separates it from its challengers as well. Select: This is DirecTV’s basic plan and it provides 145 channels for $50 per month. Entertainment: This plan provides 150 channels for $55 per month. Choice: This plan provides 175 channels for $60. Xtra: This package provides more than 220 channels for $70 per month. Ultimate: This plan provides over 240 channels for $75. Premier: This package provides over 315 channels for $125 per month. 3D at your doorstep The experience of watching your favorite shows in 3D happens to be one of the most amazing things modern technology can provide, and the DirecTV Company knows that.  That is why you are offered the freedom to watch a large number of different 3D channels, like ESPN3D and 3net. You need a 3D TV to take advantage of this. DirecTV theater standard 3D movies, 3D Sports, and other 3D delights simply amazing. Customer service DirecTV customer service is responsive and quick. The firm provides general support every day from 8 am to 1 am EST. and they also provide customer support all day, 7 days per week. If you’re looking to get great service and a great price, DirecTV is the way to go.  
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