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Satellite TV or Cable TV -

Which One Is Best

Cable Television is pretty similar to Satellite Television when it comes to equipment, programming, sound and picture. But there are some differences you should know about before you buy a subscription TV service. Here is a review of satellite television versus cable television. Click these links for more info on Dish or DirecTV. Digital video recorders With a DVR, or digital video recorder, you can record your programs quickly and easily. And you can pause, fast forward and rewind live programming. The average cable digital recorder permits you to record two shows at once, and can save up to two  hundred hours of your favorite shows. If three of your favorite programs come on simultaneously, you will only be able to record two shows and you will to not be able to record the third show. With satellite TV you can record up to six TV shows at once, or five shows while watching another show, so you will not miss your favorite shows. Plus you can store two thousand hours of video recording. Picture and service standard A critical aspect of selecting between satellite or cable TV is picture resolution. Most people own an HDTV, so it no longer is the difference between standard versus HD. In most instances, the resolution capacities of our TVs is better than the resolution that satellite and cable transmit. Equipment Cable firms provide you a cable box when you subscribe to their service, and they charge $3 to $5 for every box you need in your home. DirecTV and Dish Network provide you satellite receivers and a dish, and there is no charge to have satellite TV in up to six rooms of your home. Available programming While satellite and cable may often provide the same channels (including Showtime and HBO) what you obtain with general satellite Television (about two hundred channels) is the equal of premium cable, which makes Satellite Television a better buy for the money. Cable may provide local programming not carried by satellite, such as public access stations. Satellite Television provides west and east coast feeds and substitute sports programming on channels like Fox Sports and ESPN. Further, it also provides several international channels that cable does not. Price Because cable television firms need to pay local area fees and taxes, cable TV costs $15 to $25 more per month. Satellite Television firms do not need to pay these fees. Satellite TV in many area costs $20 for more than two hundred channels, including Pay- per-view service, satellite radio channels and streaming video service. Cable television providers have increased their rates by forty percent since 1998, while DirecTV and Dish Network have increased their rates by only eight percent within that time. Installation DirecTV and Dish Network will install all the TV equipment for free, as will most cable firms. However, there are some cable firms who charge a setup fee. Customer support Most cable Television firms support is restricted to business hours on weekdays, while Satellite Television providers provide 24/7 help through their toll free and internet customer care services.
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